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Welcome to The Affordable Pros, where excellence meets affordability in the realm of exterior cleaning. We take pride in being your go-to experts for transforming the look and longevity of your home. With a commitment to professionalism and unmatched quality, we redefine the standards of exterior cleaning services.

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Soft Roof wash

Soft House wash

in & out professional window cleaning

Brick & masonry cleaning

Concrete cleaning & sealing

Patio & deck cleaning

Gutter wash exterior

Gutter cleaning & repairs

Gutter protection

commercial cleaning

Soft Wash Your Home! Damage-Free Cleaning for all surfaces.

Deep cleaning & restoration

Soft roof wash

Our Soft Wash Method employs a meticulous 5-stage process to rejuvenate your roof:

  1. Debris Removal: We start by clearing all debris from the roof.

  2. Thorough Rinsing: We carefully rinse the roof to eliminate any loose mold, algae, and grime.

  3. Professional Cleaning Agents: Our skilled team applies specialized cleaning agents to your roof, allowing them to penetrate the pores and conduct a deep cleaning.

  4. Protective Coating Application: Following the cleaning, we apply our protective agents, bonding them to your roof for enhanced vitality and durability. This additional layer provides extended protection, ensuring your roof remains in optimal condition for years to come.

  5. Final Rinse and Reapplication: We conclude the process with a thorough rinse, and if any areas require further treatment, we reapply the necessary solutions. This comprehensive approach guarantees a pristine and long-lasting result for your roof.

Deep cleaning and restoration

Soft house wash

Experience our comprehensive 5-stage process to revitalize your home:

  1. Agent Application in Sections: We meticulously apply cleaning agents to your home in segmented sections, allowing them to penetrate the material pores effectively.

  2. Thorough Rinsing and Reapplication: After the initial application, we conduct a thorough rinse to remove the cleaning agents. If stubborn areas persist, we reapply the necessary solutions for optimal cleanliness.

  3. Door and Window Detailing: Our skilled team revisits doors and windows, using a gentle brush to ensure a spotless finish. A final rinse follows this step.

  4. Protective Coating Application: We apply a protective coating to all siding, providing an additional layer for prolonged defense against the elements.

  5. Final Rinse for Perfection: We conclude the process with a comprehensive final rinse, leaving no detail overlooked. The result is a shiny and well-protected home that reflects our commitment to excellence.

Restoration Sealing

Concrete deep cleaning

Engage with our exceptional 4-stage process tailored for concrete cleaning and restoration:

  1. Initial Pretreatment: We initiate the process with an essential pretreatment on all concrete surfaces, utilizing professional cleaning agents. This step allows the agents to penetrate the pores, preparing the concrete for a thorough cleanse.

  2. Precision Cleaning: We employ the appropriate PSI during the cleaning phase to ensure the concrete undergoes effective cleaning without any risk of damage. Our skilled team ensures that the cleaning process is meticulous and safe.

  3. Post Treatment and Protection: Following the cleaning, we implement a post-treatment to fortify and shield the concrete. Our professional-grade cleaners add an extra layer of protection, contributing to the longevity of the cleaning results.

  4. Top-tier Sealing: To complete the process, we seal your concrete with a top-of-the-line sealant known for its durability. This premium seal provides long-lasting protection, ensuring that your concrete remains in optimal condition for years to come.


Gutter cleaning

Our gutter cleaning is performed by experienced professionals who have years of expertise in installing seamless gutters and guards. While clearing your gutters, we can address repairs and offer high-performance gutter protection at competitive prices. Bulk purchasing allows us to pass on substantial savings to our customers. Our protection ensures long-lasting, warp-free gutters, capable of withstanding heavy snow, leaves, and rain. Backed by a free warranty, there's no risk on your part.

Exterior gutter cleaning!

Bid farewell to those unsightly black streaks in your gutters as we introduce the perfect solution! Armed with the right materials, we can effectively eliminate these stubborn marks, restoring the appearance of your gutters to that of brand-new once again. Not only does this process refresh the aesthetics, but it also adds a protective layer that helps extend the time between cleanings, keeping your gutters looking pristine for an even longer duration. Say goodbye to those persistent black streaks and hello to a rejuvenated and protected gutter system.

Professional spot free window washing!

Window washing

Experience the clarity of our state-of-the-art soft water reverse osmosis system, designed to flawlessly clean your windows and leave them spot-free. Witness the exterior like never before, as our advanced technology ensures a pristine and streak-free finish, revealing the true beauty of your surroundings.

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